Looking to relocate. But to where?

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  1. My apato was not that small and it was not super expensive (a little over $1000 USD per month). I wasn't out in the sticks, I was in northern Tokyo.
    I don't want to be anywhere near Mindanao. I would rather be North in Cebu. I was considering Davao but recent stories like this are troubling https://www.rappler.com/nation/190355-davao-children-dead-playing-grenade
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  2. schweiz


    Correct. I know the difference very well as I did business in Poland, East Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine, before and after the USSR crashed and fell apart.
    Didn't pay attention about it that USSR is/was much more than Russia when I posted.
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  3. DaveV


    You did not list any time zone limitations east of central time, so I will assume that you want to stay roughly close to the USA east coast time for trading purposes. That rules out all of Europe, Asia and Australia, unless you want to be trading in the middle of the night.

    In the USA, I would consider San Diego, it fits all your criteria, except for the Time Zone. Best weather in the USA.

    In Latin America, San Jose, Costa Rica would be a great choice. Best weather in the western hemisphere (average temperature in summer 68 degrees, average in winter 63 degrees), low crime rate, decent medical facilities (2nd longest life span in the western hemisphere after Canada), and one of the few countries in Latin America where you won't have any problems finding people who can speak English.
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  4. Thanks for posting this, apartment costs and internet connection quality?
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    You forgot about "5) not hot (I'm a New Englander)".

    Orlando in the summer doesn't fit that bill! Although there is something to be said about acclimation, it is also double-edged. Yeah, you "get used to it", but it is weird when in the summer, the inside of the home drops below 80 with the AC and it feels cold.
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  6. RRY16


    Get a room @ Hotel Del Rey, you will never leave.
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    Once you leave the USA mainland you will probably find you have no desire to ever go back - other than maybe enduring a long overdue visit every blue moon.

    From my experience in Latin America you really need to be very proficient with the language to live there - even than you will always be the weird outsider and will end up with a nickname you don't like - mine was "the to much gear guy" and I was on foot with just a few things I brought into town like a lap-top and extra pair of shoes.
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    Lived in Orlando years ago.
    Pinehills, College Park and one neighborhood near the airport, can't remember the name. One night we woke up to what sounded like the end of the world. It was all the B52's taking off full power from McCoy, we were like a mile from the runway. They were closing it down.
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    Anything east of Chicago time is a fair game. Europe’s time zone is extremely attractive.

    I’m intrigued by Costa Rica, but i’ve heard mixed reviews about internet reliability.
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    To me, hot is somewhere like Vegas or Arizona in the summer. The average 92 degree day in Orlando is nothing compared to those places.
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