Looking to relocate. But to where?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tortoise, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. If you care about manners and service then Japan is the winner without a doubt. Tokyo was recently named "safest city in the world". I enjoyed living in Japan and I plan to return soon.
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  2. i love greek islands, but wouldn't say the weather is nice outside of summer. second great food and girls. consider corfu where the girls are crazy
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  3. apo99


    Crete stays warm for most part of the year, your not far from Africa.

    This is where is spend my summers, I would pick up a small 20foot fishing boat and just live there later on.
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  4. qxr1011


    i lived all over the world, and i came to this country as a refugee ... how that sounds to you?

    but as they say "Every cook praises his own broth.", so to each its own...

    to the OP:

    The Devil once invited the guy to Hell. The guy liked it there: a lot of booze, a lot of willing nice girls, a lot of fun.. So the guy said yea, nice, i am willing to relocate.

    Upon the relocation the guys discovers himself in a big pool of shit in which plenty of people struggle to make afloat...

    The guy decried to Devil: "What a hell , it was so nice and now this?"

    "Well, said Devil - one should not confuse tourism with immigration !"

    Good luck.
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  5. tortoise


    I lived in Tokyo for three years. Remarkable place.
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  6. wrbtrader


    Go see your travel agent and you can be more specific along with getting better advice.

    If not, find a magazine (lots out there) that specifically ranks locations via most of the categories you've mentioned along with other categories you should have considered. Next, go to the library or bookstore and read up on a few of the locations you've discovered from your travel agent or recommended cities in a magazine.

    After that, take some vacation time and then visit those selected locations including getting the websites for the cities internet providers to learn more about the services they offer.

    Get the ok from your family and then go for it.

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  7. It is a remarkable place. I am currently researching Cebu in the Philippines, the low cost is very attractive. Japan is not exactly cheap and I would like a few countries to have in rotation beyond just Japan.
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  8. tortoise


    What keeps you in Brazil?
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  9. schweiz


    If people become too patriotic they lose their objectivity. We see this in two countries that are the complete opposite of each other but have the same lack of objectivity: USA and USSR. They both think they are the greatest and the rest of the world is sh**.
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  10. NeoTrader


    At the time, personal and family reasons... Nothing to be discussed in a public forum...:)
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