Looking to relocate. But to where?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tortoise, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Ahh, you didn't mention that in your pre-requisites. Culture fix? How about Suffolk county on the Island? Only an hour train ride to the city.
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  2. NeoTrader


    Lived a couple of years there... Lovely city... Very peaceful place to live... Great Airport... Access to whole Europe and the US easily...
    If you don't mind a heavy dose of communism, it's a great choice...

    Und die deutsche Sprache ist nicht so schwierig zu lernen... Ich habe selbst in einem Jahr sie gelernt.. Und meine Muttersprache ist Portugiesisch, deswegen wird es wahrscheinlich leichter für dich...;)
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  3. tortoise


    Good point.

    I would say, in no particular order
    -- vibrant ex-pat community
    -- active cultural life (although I have considered Costa Rica, which appeals to the hiker in me)
    -- competent medical facilities
    -- reliable infrastructure
    -- overall value (which eliminates London, for example)

    I should add that my tax load in Massachusetts is substantial. That's also a factor.
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    Gut zu wissen
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  5. Xela


    Cuenca, Ecuador (near the equator, but high-altitude, and hence constant, pleasant, warm temperature) ... also full of US ex-pats (is that good, or bad?) ...

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    Check here:
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  8. qxr1011


    ditto europe , especially eastern... ditto asia...

    many people there would give an arm to switch their place with OP , and for the reason

    there is no better place in the world than the america .. but not for the americans, he-he

    considering that OP has grown up kids, then there grand-kids god-willing will be here soon... and you stay lonely in some shithole warsaw away from the family...

    on top of that medicine... for a person after 50 that becomes an issue .. what a hell is there in costa rica if emergency will happen....

    culture? fuck their culture... here i walk the street and unknown people say hi to me.... all over the world i see rude and in-considered people as a norm...they are good people but that's their culture

    service? in italy, in restaurants which considered good, they did not even pour wine in the glass... some service
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  9. tortoise


    Nothing makes you appreciate home like some time away...
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  10. consider phi phi don
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