Looking to relocate. But to where?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tortoise, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. tortoise


    The kids are growing up and I'm seeing less and less reason to live where I live (outside of Boston, in one of the most expensive zip codes on earth.) So I'm looking to relocate to someplace that imposes less of an overhead.

    Factors to consider...

    1) low cost of living
    2) high quality of life
    3) reliable internet infrastructure
    4) time zone no "worse" than central time, USA (rules out anything west of GMT -5:00)
    5) not hot (I'm a New Englander)

    I'm intrigued by Latin America (highlands, obviously, for temperature's sake) and Eastern Europe (culture, time zone).

    Any thoughts? Anyone?
  2. qxr1011


    Stay where u are,imho
  3. tortoise


    I've spent most of my life here. It's enough.
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  5. NeoTrader


    Stay away from latin america...
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  6. fan27


    My fiance is from Czech Republic and I have spent some time there. The weather is not quite to my liking as I prefer warmer weather but the country is beautiful and not too expensive.

    If at some point you seriously consider moving there, a good friend of mine has a brother living in Prague (he is American) and I could hook you up with him for a chat.
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  7. Overnight


    Why not coastal Maine? That should fulfill all your requirements. Maybe the Portland/Bath area?
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  8. tortoise


    Many thanks for the offer. I'll send you a PM.

    I've been wondering about the Czech Republic...I've had a bias toward Austria as a I speak a little German, have friends in Vienna. But Czech Republic is intriguing. I worry about the language barrier. My Russian is rusty and I'm not sure how difficult it will be for me to learn Czech.
  9. tortoise


    Too remote. Transportation options limited. I'd end up driving to Boston for my culture fix, and then what's the point? It's like a really remote suburb...
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    Can you elaborate on

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