Looking to purchase a laptop Cheap :)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ksonsinc, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Dear Et friend
    Can you tell me which web site or is there any place where i can purchase a nice cheap laptop.
    I am looking fo sony HP toshiba acer also no problem
    Any suggestion helpfull
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  3. I also have 1 question since i might use it for remote trading
    A 256 MB is fine or should i look for a 512 MB
    I will have 2 software
    1 for stock
    1 from stradgey runner
    aol msn
    any suggestion also welcome
  4. Last day. Dell Home has the new Inspiron 710m Compact Notebook for $857 + $24 handling = $881 shipped.

    # Pentium-M 1.7GHz, 1GB DDR, 40GB Drive, 24x DVD/CD-RW, 12.1" WXGA LCD
    # 10/100 + 56k + 802.11g, Integrated Audio/Video, XP Home, 1-Yr Warranty

    Dell Business has the new Inspiron 630m Notebook (replaces 600m) for $719 + $24 shipping = $743 shipped. Select free 8x CD/DVD burner upgrade. The base configuration includes:

    # Pentium-M 1.73GHz, 14.1 inch WXGA, 512MB DDR, 40GB Drive, 8x DVD+-RW
    # Integrated Video, 6-cell Li-Ion, 10/100 + 56k + 802.11g, 1-Yr Warranty, XP Home


    look at http://bensbargains.net/
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    I would go with the 512 MB of ram. Most of the computers these days come standard with 512 MB.

    I have 1GB on my laptop and it sometimes runs slow when I have e-signal and Tradestation running at the same time.

    Go with the 512 MB.
  6. i just went threw buying a laptop. i had a dell inspirion 5100 and wasn't happy with it. i then bought a cheap toshiba and it froze on me so i took it back. after much research i bought a nice hp with a 15.4 inch screen 80 g hard drive and 1g memory. hp has the best screen i've seen with the pentium centurion chip 1.7 ghz. the screen is as clear as a lck tv. it cost $1050 after rebate a t compusa. i'm very happy with it
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    You need to price it out a bit. you might come out better getting less memory installed and purchasing 2 sims.
  8. 512 is a bare minimum

    manufacturers put 256 so you can pay higher prices for upgrades.

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    define cheap and we can help you out more

    Dell frequently has online coupons and you can get a decent deal.
  10. When i say cheap i mean atleasy $600 to $750 max
    I think pll selling laptop who offer the price liek $499 599 is all billshit
    And when i go to buy
    then they say Rebater $100 from vendor
    Rebate $100 from manf
    + to ugrade u have to pay $50 blah blah
    False Advertising
    I am looking at HP and found some good one for $750
    May be if i dont find anything better i will buy it
    Has any one had expericne with ACER
    Is it a good brand - ?
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