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  1. Hi guys. Looking for some help. I'm in Toronto (some prop houses will and will not allow Ontario residences to trade) and looking for a good prop house. I have experience as a broker for 15 years. I don't want to use my own money, or much of it, would like to try new strategies on someone else's dime. What are your thoughts on Mavericks, Shark, or others? TIA
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    Do you own a DeLorean? Or some other time traveling vehicle?
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    Most props don’t trade anything other than stocks. Integra Capital can provide you with options, but unless you have a record you will not be able to trade.

    Chimera can give you a variety of things to trade, and so can First NY. But, again you’ll have to have a record.

    Not trying to sound condescending, but if you don’t have any record, no one will back you. It is what it is.
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  4. What makes you even fathom that people will just throw you money to try NEW strategies with ?
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  5. Is prop trading is illegal ?
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    Is that true; if so why? It appears most traders on this forum trade instruments other than stocks. If most props trade stocks, wouldn't that suggest that trading stocks is more profitable? So I'm still Confused!! Xela??????!!!!!!
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    Not sure about this. Stocks are what "investors" (i.e. rather than "traders") are more often involved with, so there may be far more stock traders "out there" (even if not "in here"?) than others, but they're not normally doing so for a living?

    Sorry, I've never been at a prop-shop, and don't know (I was an "independent"/"retail" trader for years, and then moved to a hedge fund). I was slightly surprised by the assertion that most people at prop-shops are trading stocks, but it could easily be true, for all I know.

    No; it isn't (isn't), apart from maybe in countries with specific legal restrictions against trading in general (but in India, where most currency trading for speculation is illegal, prop-shops per se aren't illegal).

    That's for sure.
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    Almost no real prop firm trades stocks. The ones that do are in the market maker space trading options. And there are several of them.
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    I believe he was referring to deposit props, not real shops. Even now, some deposit props require a record to trade.

    Real props need a stellar record or a degree and references to be backed.
    I’m sure you already know that.
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    This is what he said, "I don't want to use my own money, or much of it, would like to try new strategies on someone else's dime."
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