Looking to open a prop account.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by HTmarket, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. HTmarket


    Hello fellow traders:

    Experienced trader looking to open a prop account. Here is what I'm looking for:
    -Level 2 - NYSE, NASDAQ
    -ECN pass-through
    -0.125 per 1000 shares
    -A professional firm that is prompt in responding e-mails
    -A firm specializing in automated traders

    A firm located in Canada or NY is preferable.

    I can finance my own account, however, I don't mind to be fully financed.

    Any suggestions? Please PM me if you're interested in doing business.

  2. UddaMan


    Free co-location and 0.125 per 1000 shares...nice. Free coffee too. Why would anyone offer that rate? How do they make money? Try ETC. For a flat $12,500/month for 100 million shares, to get that rate but will have to set up everything. 4:1 day and 2:1 overnight (Reg-T). And, hope they are still in business in the morning. Yeah, and you pay in advance.
  3. hitnrun


    he asked for prop / where does he say free co-location ?

    you should learn to read before making a ignorant reply
  4. and are you ready to pay by spliting your PL? something like 15%-20% gone.
  5. what is collocation?
  6. jordar411


    LMAO .125 per 1000.

    Tell me if dreams come true.
  7. HTmarket


    -Yes, I don't mind giving up 15-20% to get my rate and collocation. Its the cost of doing business.

    -All the ppl who are laughing the at the 0.125 per 1000. That is the rate that I have traded with, and with collocation. Maybe you're just overpaying.

    -UddaMan: free coffee and free lunch are a given.

    -No overnight needed.
  8. i think wedbush has co-location. try someone who clears with them
  9. check out broad street securities group. however, their price per share may be higher