Looking to make a friends group with other full time traders

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Waitpitch, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Waitpitch


    Hi, I am looking to connect with other full time traders to share experience and make some friends. My vision would be to have a mixed group of people from various experience levels and locations. Cool people with good vibes! We could chat online on a regular basis, maybe arrange calls after a while and ultimately meet somewhere in the future. As we can trade from anywhere and most of us alone I guess there must be some people out there like me seeking some new connections in the trading community. Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers :)
  2. Tall Mike

    Tall Mike

    I am new, and definitely not a full-time trader but would be interested in joining like a skype group or something. Not a "trading room" but rather just someplace to discuss ideas and markets.

    Keep me posted.
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  3. what's your experiencel level, have a chat going but only looking to add people who are seasoned or have value to add
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  4. It's a great great idea , i'm interested too . It would be nice if there were friends to create whatsup ,skype groups specific to a Broker & Platform features like IB and Tradestation programming language and strategy back-testing

    ET forums is huge and universal and catering to everyone's general need and your question get overlooked very fast, if subject is not interesting to everyone . But it is not geared toward very specific group needs who sharing same Trading tools, where you could ask a question, and you get on the immediate response from someone....Dadaaa
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  5. Would be happy to chat about this. Ideally as @TradeTune says, sharing some tools would be a large part of the value. Maybe have a buy in to the group to cut separate wheat from the chaff and contribute to some subscriptions...
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  6. * share (using) same tools .... to shorten learning curve :)

    I'm fairly new, few months with IB and Tradestation , i am still learning, and happy to help if i can and learn from others, can add me in whatsup or any other messengers ..
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  7. padutrader


    I was also searching for connections.

    I do have a lot of experience........read my first book in 1994.

    have been day trading forex for 13 years but recently shifted to gold [xauusd] for the last month or two.......i think i found what i am looking for as far as instruments go.

    I have found that trading is very individual-and it is very rare to find two traders on the same page with regard to trading style, trading goals .......

    trading can be fitted to anyone's overall needs and requirements and this is one of the most fantastic things about trading.

    in short i am ready to connect and though i have developed my own simple method for trading market direction, i am willing to discuss technical analysis broadly.
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  8. Waitpitch


    Thanks for all replies and great ideas:) I am reaching out to yours individually now and those who contacted me privately to get contact details in order to set up the group. We can do whats app or facebook messenger group for chats, depends on what works best for most. I might also create a teams group for future calls. Excited to get to know you!
  9. i am interested too. I am a full time trader for 15 years. Which social platform to use? I prefer telegram
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  10. Tall Mike

    Tall Mike

    Skype would probably be easiest if that is at all possible. That would be my preference as you can use it on a desktop or mobile.
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