looking to lease a seat

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  1. looking to lease a seat for a week or two intermittently throughout the year. CBOT/CME, seat must have either tbond or spooz trading rights.

    PM me.
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    IB is much cheaper...but the floor is more fun.
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    What is the seat holder supposed to do for the rest of the time. I don't think ANY seat holder would be interested in anything under a month.
  4. some of them head out on vacation for stretches less then a month. But most have fixed lease times of 6 months or greater ...not just a month.

    they kinda look at it like renting out a apartment they are not using. they want a income stream for 6 months or greater.

    I might have to buy a seat, and then lease it out for periods I dont intend to use it.
  5. There are several recent CME leases listed with a term of 1 month.

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  7. lease prices have come down substantially, 10 years ago they use to be around 4-5K per month.
  8. Dude, man, that price is per day.
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    remember that if you lease a seat, you would have to now pay self employment taxes. whether that is bigger or smaller than the commission savings you get is the determinant.
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