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  1. I am in my mid thirties and looking to start trading full time. I am pretty familiar with day trading on my own, but I want to take it to another level. I am ideally looking for a prop firm that offers some formal training and does not require a deposit to start (especially after some of the horror stories I have read about shady companies disapering or not returning money.)

    Can anyone recommend a few firms that might be interested in bringing on a guy like me?

    I am in a position where I can afford not to make any money while I train but I dont really think I should have to pay for it either.

  2. I think you are out of luck. Get 25k and join bright.

  3. That's my boy, (yes, LOL).

    I knew you'd come around.....

    Don :) :eek:
  4. Its the niche you operate in so its all yours.
  5. Hi Don,

    You offer Redi, correct?

    Out of curiosity, what support, if any, do you offer in setting up an ATS? Do you provide a framework or would one have to build a framework from the ground up?

    What are the fixed costs (monthly)?

  6. if you are familiar with day tradign then 25K should be a drop in the bucket if you are any good? WTF is wrong with people here.. you have so much over confidence in your abilities..lol
    I am familiar with golf but I cannot ever think about joining the PGA... tiger woods did not play xbox golf (paper trading) for 15 years and then step on the course and he was pro..nope it was actual game play!
    no other profession in the world has more money and brains thrown at it than trading!!! and you think bright trading or some other prop firm is going to make you a big star.. lol if Bright or any other prop firm was that great .. they would be well known in real financial circles.. they would be a large hedge fund collecting millions in fees..instead they fill your brainwith delusions of grandeur that you can make it big trading for them.. lol.. it is not true. have any of bright's suckers ever been in any book like turtle trading etc. nope!!!!!!!
  7. I dont know of 1 firm in the world looking to hire an average guy in his thirties to trade for them without putting up 5k minimum. So either put up some money or give up your pipe dream
  8. We have groups who offer "pre-packaged" programs for Redi. We also have programmers who will help you automate your own ideas. We also offer you access to Redi API if you like.

    If you trade 200k shares, there are no "fixed" costs, only what you sign up for (open book fees etc.).

  9. Thanks Don,

    Appreciate the quick reply.