Looking to hire mentor: $1k

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  1. I'm looking for a trading mentor.... someone that can help me learn a decent strategy.... I'd pay up to $1k

    I've been with a prop firm for a year, have contributed nearly all my capital, and haven't even come close to a paycheck....

    I'd like to travel to your office and shadow for about a week.... and then have continually support through AIM/Yugma/or whatever....

    Please let me know if this interests you at all

    Thanks in advance
  2. ggoyal


    why would anyone tell you their secret for just a 1000 bucks. even if you offered 10k it wouldnt be enough? You gotta learn it yourself.
  3. Mentoring for 1k is like mentoring for free, This figure wont even get any real attention. I know it may be all you have but you wont get any real offers. The amount of $$$ that a pro will "give up" in opportunity costs spending time with you will be well in excess of 1k.
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    Another question is why would YOU want to have a mentor that was willing to coach you, ongoing (as you stipulated), for a measley $1,000?
  5. Aww, give the guy a break, $1000 is a lot of money to spend when you're just starting out.

    Im Bullish, why don't you write a bit about yourself, location/age/education/experience/trading equity/which markets you want to trade/etc stuff like that, and something to convince a potential mentor you're worth spending time on because as others have said 1000 bucks isn't really that attractive a proposition.

    As you probably already know, don't give anyone a dime before you see for yourself that they know what they're doing. Anyone worth their salt will understand and know only too well there are too many sharks in this business just itching to relieve you of some cash!

    Another idea would be profit sharing during the live mentoring trading sessions, that way you pay-as-you-learn instead of giving a total stranger a wad of cash, and at least you'll be able to see real time whether the mentor knows his stuff or not.
  6. Anyone who says they will mentor you for 1k is a scammer.

    Better off going to a prop firm that will train you. Might have to sign a slave labor contract, but it's better than nothing.

    Good luck.
  7. Well, in contrary to the responses above, Alot of guys who have mentored me in the past have done it for free.

    Budd Fox never really paid Gordon Gekko, did he?

    I would love to take on the job, as I have a passion to trade and to teach people how to trade, but at this present time, Im not really qualified enough for the job as a mentor. Maybe in a few years.

    Good luck.
  8. LOL yeah LH is right. Dig in and figure it out yourself. It's the only way short of indentured servitude.
  9. He already said he's been with a prop firm for a year.

    God you guys are so negative, did you all have a bad day or something!

    Has everyone on these types of forums forgotten what it was like trying to get a handle on trading at the start?

    So much for a sharing community spirit, eh!
  10. Original Poster,

    no one worth mentoring you will take your 1k. You could by a stroke of luck find someone generous to help you for free, though that's unlikely as your post didn't provide enough information about yourself to distinguish you from the 198908430928402398098 other struggling traders who need mentors. For someone who makes 1k/day, dealing with the hassle of mentoring isn't worth it for such a sum.
    Anyone who responds to your offer willing to take your money is a scammer. The mentality of a successful trader is not the mentality of someone who would respond to your post and take your money.

    Best of luck.
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