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  1. As some know, I run a multi-strategy hedge fund in New York. I also own a small day-trading operation. Finally, I own a recruiting firm on Fifth Ave. in New York that specializes in making placements in the hedge fund community. Make no mistake (to quote Bush), hedge fund hiring is absolutely on a tear! We specialize in placing traders at hedge funds, however, we will not reject an unsolicited job order for back office personnel or support staff. With so many hedge funds opening and expanding every day, trust me when I say that staffing needs have gone through the roof. I bring to the table my experience and knowledge of the specific hedge funds and their strategies so as to target placements most effectively. I will assist the right candidate(s) in evaluating prospective talent and their ability to truly get a job in the hedge fund business. I will also suggest potential funds to target in placing a specific candidate along with my generally extensive knowledge of the hedge fund world. My partner brings to the table over a decade of experience in the recruiting field (primarily real estate recruiting) and provides the operational support necessary to do an effective job. We are looking for potential candidates willing to work on a COMMISSION-ONLY basis who have some knowledge of various hedge fund strategies, some knowledge of the specific funds and a passionate ability to match candidates with the right fund. This opportunity is potentially a high six figure or possibly a seven figure per year opportunity for the right candidate(s). The firm generally earns 25%-33% of the candidate's first year compensation. For those that realize how much hedge fund traders earn, you can calculate how lucrative this opportunity may be. Reply in confidence to nberger@aquilafund.com or to my email at elitetrader.
  2. I think you have made a mistake. I don't know of anyone qualified to do the work who would consider working on commission. In general, associates of mine who fit your description are employed or working independently, making "6 or 7" figures already. Finally, one might ask why they need you or your partner at all? Nice try though. Very entertaining. Steve46
  3. do people with only prop trading experience have any chance of getting hired on at a hedge fund? I traded multiple strategies and was profitable, but I have heard from many people that hedge funds frown on those with prop backgrounds. Whats the scoop? Thanks.
  4. Dear Steve46,

    What's all the cynacism about? I have people in my firm making a ton of money. Many of their first placements I handed them on a silver platter (as in take this candidate, show him to XYZ hedge fund, call Mr. Jones at XYZ hedge fund, tell him this, etc. etc.). Obviously, people who are already on their own making such big bucks probably know all the players and don't need my services for a split of the fees. I can't stand this attitude that you seem to exude that anyone offering something is trying to scam something. For someone who is trying to break into the hedge fund business, knows some of the players and has some knowledge of the strategies, this is a phenominal opportunity to meet some serious hedge funds, learn what type of strategies they deploy and just generally expand their network of contacts. Not the least of which, the potential income is enormous. If it's not your cup of tea, then so be it. However, it's guys like you that dismiss every opportunity as a scam or sham and never end up finding anything of value.
  5. Dear NYSEscalpa,

    There are no absolutes in this world. Hedge funds do not have a specific vendetta against prop. firms or day-traders. The problem is that these types of folks rarely deploy the types of strategies that hedge funds are really looking for (sophisticated arbitrage type strategies). Nonetheless, I'm a firm believer of where there's a will there's a way. This is one of the reasons that I started a day-trading shops. Since it is within my hedge fund walls, it offers sort of a half-way house for hedge fund wannabes and it improves their resumes. Obviously, I like to get paid for facilitating that. Best of luck..Neal.
  6. I am skeptical of your offer Neal, because it resembles many of the scams that folks new to ET tryout just about every week. Members who have been around awhile know to step clear and after all, who am I to take care of the rest. Nevertheless, I have an opinion. I believe your offer is suspect. You call it cynicism, I call it healthy skepticism and self-presevation. LOL, Steve46
  7. I guess that is your right. A reasonable dose of skepticism is always healthy but I don't see anything in my offer to be 'suspect' of. I am outright stating that it is a commission based position therefore, I have not made any offer to good to be true. Nobody is forcing anyone to be interested, however to those that see value in what I am offering, they are welcome to contact me. Apparently some do since I have received about 10 inquires. By the way, I've been in the hedge fund business for 10 years now with top firms in the world and have been a proprietary trader for over 14 years so I do feel that I add just a little bit of value to the equation. Best, Neal.
  8. you want 25-33% of 1st year compensation, which on a salary of 200K would equate to 50-66K just to place someone in a hedge fund?? what do you bring to the table? how many funds do you know right now that are looking to bring in traders? and none of these firms offer ANY sort of salary?? and if the funds, like most, pay 2-3 cents/ share, your net revenue will be shit. after paying uncle sam and you, whats the poor trader left with?? just wondering what substantial advantages an already successful trader would have in jumping ship and going to trade for a fund.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how much people just come out of the woodwork and post to shoot someone down who is trying to offer a service or opportunity. I mean, if you are not interested, or believe the person posting is full of BS, just move on and laugh to yourself. Are you out there trying to save people being the "skeptical wiseman"? Are you the "wiser" person who sets everyone straight, or is it simply you have no life and enjoy doing this? Skepticism is a good thing, but when posting on ET, you always have to deal with the "bashing factor" and then you have two choices: defend yourself to people who don't matter or simply ignore. Yes, it has happened to me as well as it has to many others. If a sucker is born every minute, let them, it's their choice. Nobody needs to hold anyones hand here. The fact that I have actually spent my energy posting this only makes me shake my head at the posters who spend the energy tearing down people on a daily basis on ET!
  10. I think you are missing the point- the post was simpy to ask what value added Neal would bring to the process for what amounts to a substantial service fee to act as a headhunter. I think it is a legitimate question and there is no need to get defensive/hostile because I asked it- geez.
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