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    I'm a recent grad of Indiana University with a degree in Business who's looking to break into trading, whether it be as a runner, clerk, or market reporter if there are no prop trading positions open. Does anybody know any firms that are hiring in Chicago for those positions? I can commute to Chicago everday from NW Ind.
  2. get in line bud. everyone wants to be a trader. i can only assume you know nothing and therefore wouldn't be able to make nothing IMHO.
  3. trading bubble...
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    There are a ton of prop trading positions open....i was just searching on bloomberg last week and their were pages of prop trading openings for traders of all skill level....some salary paid and some comm. paid. Your not looking hard enough if you cant find a prop trading job
  5. It seems so many guys who know nothing, want to become rockstar traders. I've been investing and trading 10 years now and its tough to make a buck. So many guys try to pitch ideas and set themselves up to be pros...but no one seems to want to read or study the fundamentals or reality much. Market history and trading logic, contract basics, order routing and fill dynamics, trading software...theres so much to learn...and hell I know very few who make big money.

    Have you seen the statistics on prop firms/hedge funds...not that great. The few guys that I've seen who work in some big firms as fancy analysts all have stanford and harvard degrees in some advanced mathematics and they now calculate some high minded international arbitrage equations. Hell even the Black-Scholes guys got screwed when their math went wrong and LTCM went broke. Makes you wonder how a normal guy can get into this business.

    Perhaps try working directly for some of the FCM's in Chicago, or try some of the European firms and their US Offices...start off as back office work.

    You could also start off in some of the IB's who specialize in the Prop trading area. GHCO is a FCM which focuses on Prop business, maybe try them.
    GHCO = Goldenberg Hehmeyer.

    Good Luck...I'm on the west coast...and there are plenty of Hedge Funds and Alternative investment companies...and their offices...out here.
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    Thank you, Preston Forbes, for your advice. Last week, I asked GHCO's Chicago offices when they were starting to recruit for this year's class , but they didn't tell me when. I should of told them that I wanted to go to New York, because they were already starting to recruit there. Oh well.

    Anyway, do you know some more FCM's in the Chicago area other than GHCO, and on the west coast, what are some reputable hedge funds and alternative investment companies?
  7. What is the point of a post like this?
  8. WannabeTrader.... I do not know about the original poster but after reading your reply, I think that you'll be a wanna-be-trader forever. You've cacked yourself.
  9. wannabetrader is right 101%, reading the thread starter post he knows shit what trading is all about, at least today

    He might make money later only after a year or few ...
  10. but what's the point of posting something that's completely unhelpful and berating?

    To the other poster:
    I personally agree that there is an increase in the number of people interested in trading (since the market is half-way decent) but that doesn't mean a market bubble is to occur.

    Futures volume are growing. Options volume are growing. You have retail brokerage firms that allow people to trade all sorts of vehicles bother national and International. It's only normal to see the increase in "supply" match the increase in "demand".

    This is a wired world and everyone now has access to the financial markets one way or another. This is just a natural progression and I don't see it as a bubble.
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