Looking to find a trading mentor

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  1. I would talk to Kent every now and then in the mid 90's, never believed what he said.


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  2. OP, Lesson #1 -"give me your start up capital and let me kick you in the balls." :D
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  3. LOL, very good question. I cannot get a friend of mine, a very good trader in his own right, to mentor me.

    He makes all kinds of "excuses" including that this is really boring and I just need to practice more.

    I think he is right and I suspect that those eager to mentor others may not necessarily be very good traders. I may be wrong, of course.
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  4. You mean the author of those barely readable books? I made an honest attempt to comprehend one of them.

    I guess I am not too smart. :D
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  5. The more something has been out there, the less likely it is to have an genuine edge. But you still can get some good ideas of your own, so I don't mind reading what I can get my hands on, but I prefer to use my own ideas or those I know that work for others and are not overly used.
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