Looking to find a trading mentor

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  2. The first to arrive in these blatantly troll-trapping threads are the same suckers who warn them about all manner of ills coming their way. We've watched these same 1-post wonders troll out the same baited threads time after time after time... and the same ET addicts (often with fresh new aliases) take that bait hook, line, sinker, tackle box, fishing boat and the trailer it was hauled in with :)
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  3. Thank's "Market Surfer", I like this place and enjoy the amount of skeptical Traders who can relate to all the stupid questions we encounter. My mother was great at telling me the first year I hit Seven Figures, "when are you going o get a job like your brother in the Prison? He get's a pension and vacation time!" :confused:

    The stocks I am attracted to were once the constant victims of Naked Short Sellers who knew every trick in the book. To think anything illegal goes on with micro and small cap stocks, my paranoia to imagine people know how to push stocks up and up as they slowly distribute the shares. If you have the patience, pull up the "Time and Sales" data on ZHNE and your data-feed shows a crisp picture like Esignal does, you will understand what I am talking about. The Time and Sales feeds caught by various brokers might not show you the adjusted Market of that stock. Did you ever trade the crazy pump and dumps like ADSX, WEL and recently CLNT, USU, SCON, BCRX, TTHI? Watch how they move, it's so pretty how they can be played with if the news is not really true. The Chinese Reverse IPOs are classic stocks that get a inexperienced Trader stuck.

    SEC and FINRA are quick to scream at a Trader who decides to buy a stock and get's a that Spidey Sense and sell at the same price. So, because we refused to take a bigger loss than our ECN cost, we are given a letter by "compliance" for "painting the tape" even if the stock craters after we sell it! Is there a forum to talk about Amex Special Pump jobs? I got a funny story how I nailed that sucker after he hammered a few of my friends with a horrible little amex pump.

    I like this site, you all are real and it's nice to have a group to relate to who realize that there is risk but it's not a Sucker's game. My mother died and I can hear her voice telling me after I bought another house, "you should really think of getting a job, playing with those stocks is gambling and Jesus don't like that!" I know others here deal with the same madness too!
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  4. Reading the tape by observing the order book is a very unique skill. It's a skill especially valuable trading on a shorter time frame.
    I've observed another good trader doing it, but it's not something that can be passed along and can only be gained by personal experience. Most traders can't do it, imo.
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    I recomend you take a look at the journals and threads of DBPhoenix here and in Traders Laboratory, they helped me a lot to learn to trade properly.
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    Ok, I'll help.

    Don't trade. Get a good job after good education, marry well. Spend less than you earn, save a lot. Repeat for many years. Consider low cost index fund investing. Read Bogleheads stuff.

    Compound growth will lead to 6 figures and grow accounts more than day job after doing the above.

    Good luck.
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    I like these threads.
    They are sorta like asking someone to give them a third of their house, just 'cause.
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  8. :p
    Asking for a little advice in a very appreciative manner would be okay and I do see some veteran traders of ET willing to provide some trading advice when being asked very nicely, but to devote hundreds of hours to a complete stranger while getting zilch in return is asking for a lot. The guy is picky too. If he wants someone making in excess of 6 figures, then the putative mentor should be making 7 figures.

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  9. I know I wrote some mediocre stuff about Oliver Velez and Greg Capra, I wish I could find the book I got from Pristine Capital and their "Two Red Candles Plus Three Green Equal's A Buy!"

    Oliver and Greg will gladly mentor you for $10,000 for three day full Monty package! I never saw those two day trade any stocks, it was counting all those candle-sticks backwards looking for the "Two Red and Three Green Equal's A Buy!"

    Will I get in trouble now that I shared their secret formula for making large sums of money that our newbie will need a wheelbarrow to carry all that cash his Clearing House will be sending him on a bi-weekly basis now?
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    What's truly funny, so many had read John Hill's two books, Scientific Interpretation of Bar Charts 1979 and
    Stock and Commodity Market Trend Trading 1977

    That pattern been handled out by so many seminars, softwares, videos and books writers from Kent Calhoun to Larry Williams. With the exception of Welles Wilder and his book from 1978 New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems and William Blaus' TSI , there hasn't been much value to include in methods I trade.
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