Looking to find a trading mentor

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  1. I am looking to find a trading mentor to take my trading to the next level. I am looking to find someone who has a proven track record of profitably trading and earning in excess of 6 figures on an annual basis. I only trade stocks and options. No Forex.
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  2. why should that someone be your mentor?
  3. God Bless You "BlueRain!"

    "why should that someone be your mentor?"

    Why in the hell would anyone who is making that kind of money desire to help someone trade? I am sick of people telling me I need to help them or give advice and waste me time. Do Traders have nothing better to do than waste their time and emotion with newbies?

    I lost too much money trying to help "scared money" and would not wish this upon any of the successful traders here on Elite Trader. Their fear and the feelings that come with scared money is not worth $1000 a hour teaching fees. As Blue Rain said, what's in it for the Trader? V

    Victor Neiderhoffer had some brilliant MIT graduate mow his lawn, wash his car, clean his house and after a couple of months he finally started to talk to the kid who wanted to learn. This kid was willing to be a apprentice and do all Neiderhoffer grunt work, I find it insane there are people who think a highly successful trader has nothing to do but teach someone their secrets.

    It's a loosing game unless you are being paid up-front by the hour, otherwise I would not touch a newbie with my worst enemies capital! Just my humble opinion, "scared money" is the worst to work with and all those questions that make you second and triple guess your methods, I get angry thinking about the time I wasted, nobody taught me, and I am so done helping unless it's my two sons desire to learn!
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    I've thought about passing my secrets along to a family member. Bad idea. Likely your sons will not respect or appreciate the work and time involved in learning your system.
  5. No need to worry! Our resident price action mentors will be with you shortly.

    But first, questions to weed-out the squatters:

    Are you really ready for the mind-numbing minutia of bar by bar trading?

    Like counting things? Bars, legs, trends...

    Ready to hang an Al Brooks poster in your room?

  6. They love to help others. Just ask. Just don't ask for a live demonstration in a controlled environment, but boy do they have the pretty charts and long eloquent pontificating for every question and point.


  7. My son left for work when I bought a block of shares of ZHNE at $2.40 average cost. He said "Cool and heads out to work at his local YMCA making $8.50 a hour." I did not have the heart to tell him I made more money in one hour than he will make in several months. How many kids want to learn and will respect your hard work? I am taking a break while the Bozos churn ZHNE and ZNGA and SNV to write back to the previous good ideas.

    Today, with ZHNE I have some "Potato Flippers" churning the stock to make it go higher. These guys are so funny, they buy and sell from each other using CINN, as they move the stock slowly up and distribute shares to happy buyers seeing that 52 week high. When these bucket-shop operators are done, it will tank. How do you train somebody to notice all the nuisances we know? I remember some clown who blew his girl friend of ten years retirement account. He made my stomach sick as he constantly asked stupid questions and made me question each position I held. No more! Cut him off years ago and I don't think you all want this madness!

    How do I train someone how to look at Nasdaq Total-View and NYSE Open Book, it's only taken me 30 years to try to read the tape and we are suppose to give it away? The kids are ungrateful enough having no desire to Trade. I wonder why that is?
  8. I feel so naive sometimes. Isn't that sort of collusion illegal and relatively easy to detect?

  9. I like your style, jessie james, keep up the good posts. Welcome to elitetrader!!

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    Relatives have asked me to teach them, I rather just send them a check and tell them to go to Vegas and bet it on red. I just don't think you can learn how to trade by oneself or a mentor until you have had a great deal of pain.

    It is so much pain for me to sit next to someone for 8 long hours for two months plus training them or two of them, I start thinking of throwing myself off a bridge, jumping out of a plane without a parachute, please bring a cobra snake in the office for me to play. All the missed trades, all the extra losses cause they asking more questions that I can answer and trade, why the hell is he asking that question at report time? Medic, Medic!!!
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