Looking to connect with traders in Puerto Rico

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  1. asdfjkl


    Hello everyone,

    I'm a US-based prop trader that is considering moving to Puerto Rico for the tax incentives under Acts 20 and 22. I am trying to connect with anyone trading from PR to discuss their experience.

    I am very familiar with the requirements to qualify for the 0% tax rate on capital gains. I'm mostly interested from hearing from someone on the ground that could provide commentary on issues that would impact my trading (things like slow and unreliable internet). I would also appreciate general lifestyle commentary.

  2. qlai


    Can't help you myself, but in case you haven't watched it, connect with this guy.

  3. asdfjkl


    Great, I'll check him out and try to connect.
  4. A. Zarro

    A. Zarro

    my cousin lives in puerto rico and works with/for a few families that have moved to the island to take advantage of the tax incentives.
  5. DaveV


    Can you get your cousin to post some comments on PR
  6. A. Zarro

    A. Zarro

    i will ask him. i am down there pretty frequently myself depending on what you're looking for i might be able to help as well.