Looking to buy Facebook? Good move, but wait a few months til the supply clears out.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wilburbear, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Hold up a bit more to buy.

    There's a new round of stockholders (some early employees) who will be allowed to sell, starting in November.
  2. If ever a company needed to beat the earnings estimates, FB in October is the one. I expect maximum accounting shenanigans.
  3. Facebook will go the way of myspace in another year or two, no one will remember it. I dont believe for one minute the number of users they say they have or the revenues they claim to have. Wait about a year or two ...or maybe less and you will see FB on the pink sheets if even still on the market at all. It's a failed business model with a clown running it.
  4. don't they have something like 3/4 Billion users?
    let's say they only have 1/2 Billion;
    there must be Some potential for profits there

    do any here have Facebook accounts?
    I don't,
    but I know a few people who do, or did

  5. I opened one recently to see what happened to all my college FSAE pals, where they ended up, etc.

    It seems a bit odd, laying your life out there for anyone to view (not everyone elects to keep their info private), having every comment and picture broadcasted to your own personal "network".