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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kubinec, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Kubinec


    Anything up to 5K.

    Of course, if it costs 5K, the it better be the fastest out there.

    I have trouble deciding between Alienware or its competitors like Northwest Falcon, etc.

    Anyone have any epxerience with AW, NWF, or any other high-end PC makers?

    Also, this 28" monitor costs 320 bucks on tigerdirect.

    How does it compare to these?

    WHat is response time and is there a big difference between 2ms, 3ms, and 12 ms??
  2. gaj


    monitor, i love my dell (made by samsung) 24". i paid more because they have better viewing angles, but they're great.

    you're paying far too much for the pc. i have a T3400 dell, reco'd by others (gnome, i believe, is a big supporter of this one). got it with XP and memory, i'm good to go.
  3. I have a rocket ship of an HP that recently cost me $769, on sale PLUS monitors!

    NO NEED to buy a "trading" machine.

    Intel Core i7-920 processor
    6GB DDR3 memory
    640GB hard drive
    1GB ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics card
  4. TGregg


    If you are somewhat technical and think it would be interesting, it's pretty easy to build your own system. With some research and patience you can build a robust system that is better than most from the stores. And right at your favorite spot on the price/performance curve. However if reading about DDR3 memory and disk cache sounds boring, then you might want to consider buying a box rather than building.

    You can do some pretty cool stuff when you build. At one point, I had completely separate environments for my trading vs. everything else. I had a switch on the front of my PC. If it was set to trading, the computer booted from and ran on my trading hard drive. If it was set to fun, the same computer booted from and ran on my other drive. One system could not access the drive from the other.
  5. metoo


    I just purchased one at costco online. It seems to do an outstanding job. Plus the neat thing about Costco is it can be returned in up to 90 days - for a full cash refund - no questions asked. It also came with at no extra charge a two year warranty. The brand name is gereric IBUYPOWER set up for gaming and has the following:

    Intel I 7-920 2.66Ghz

    6 Gb DDR3

    1 Gb ATI 4870 HD Graphic Card

    6 * Blu Ray Drive

    800 Watt Power Supply

    1 Tb Sata Hard Drive

    22 * DVD RW



    I do not know your level of computing experience but as I understand it if you ever desire to add a graphics card for additional monitors you will need to be sure you have adequate power supply to support them. Some graphics card today are extremely power hungry.

    It also has an extra slot for an additional graphic card. I persoally added another 4870 card. It will run 24" ViewSonic beautifully in 1080P. I priced similar Trading Coputers and most seemed to cost about twice as much. I am not affiliated with Costco other than being a member. You must be a member just like Sams club in order to purchase. Personally I am very pleased. I think it cost around $1499.00 w/no monitors. They do sell the ViewSonic mentioned above however. There web address is costco.com If you'd like I think you can also search IBUYPOWER in google and go direct to their website however the additional warranty and return policy are only for purchases at Costco. I believe there pricing is a little dirrerent also.

    Good Trading Sir,
  6. Try using the search function in this Forum. There's really no need to start another new thread... that is unless you are trying to post 20 times in one day and generate web "activity".

    For example, there are tons of favorable reviews of the Dell T3400 for $1,000 + monitor.

    Also info on AW and Falcon.
    Search is your friend.
  7. ACER
  8. Kubinec


    Thanks for the tips!

    Landis, I realized after I posted this I should've searched the forum first, but anyway.

    I'm looking to play games on this machine too, so I'm looking for a very powerful machine that will last 5 or so years.

    I was looking for an overclocked extreme i7, GTX 295 graphics, liquid cooling (for quietness) and a big monitor to fit both my charting and trading softwares.

    Is a quad core sometimes better than i7??
  9. Are you currently trading right now?
    If so, what trading/charting/execution platform are you using?
  10. An i7 is a quad core CPU. The i7 is fastest desktop CPU you can buy today.

    For most trading applications you do not need anything like this. Just about any PC will do the job just as well.

    Overclocking to "extreme" levels is a poor idea. It is likely to reduce the life expectancy of CPU and motherboard.

    Spending $5K on a PC is crazy.
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