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  1. I am looking for a prop house to be remote in Calgary, Canada. I understand from doing numerous searches that many firms dont deal with Canadians.

    1) I have been trading for about a year
    2) I trade roughly 100k shares a day
    3) I do not want any deal that requires a profit split. I want to keep 100% ( or close to )
    4) I am able to provide a capital contribution and will be taking my losses out of my capital
    5) I scalp mainly and momo sometimes
    6) I would need to have at least 500k in buying power
    7) I do NOT have a series 7, but will get one if needed
    8) I would like a firm that cuts cheques more than once a month ( if that is possible )
    9) I trade NASDAQ only and would like all ECN rebates passed through to me

    I am aware of ET's policy on recruiting and I hope that this thread is fine by the moderator. Please feel free to PM me with any offers and or information. It is hard up here in Canada to find some of the low commish I notice that people are getting.

    Thank you
  2. Check out questrade. If your willing to take 80% on 10:1 leverage the per share rate is only 50 cents per 1k. I doubt they will let you take wires more than once a month.

    I dont use them so i cant say if they are good, but the deal seems worth checking out.
  3. Thanx for the link...I will check it out, was looking for alot more leverage although
  4. Questrade commission looks good. Is it only for canadians?
    Anyone know of a good prop firm/remote trading in the houston/Dallas area. thanks

    1) I have been trading for about 7 years
    2) I trade roughly 300k-1MM shares a day
    3) 100% of profit or close to it
    4) I am able to put up 50-100k of my own money
    6) I would need to have at least 500k-1MM in buying power
    7) I do NOT have a series 7, but will get one if needed
    I only scalp listed stocks

    Is it possible to trade your own personal trading account and a prop account at the same time?

    if you dont want to post here, please pm me
  5. I'm in Toronto and I do about 100K shares/day...
    In ultra low risk, well hedged bond type securities.

    I have a 6 years of AUDITED profitable financials...
    And was a US broker-dealer until last summer.

    It's hard to imagine someone more qualified for low rates and leverage...
    Than myself.

    Well, I met with Miskin (bad cop) and Kolodenko (good cop) in March, 2005.

    Kolodenko would promise me anything you can imagine...
    Then Miskin would take a ** hard line ** at Flat Rate $9.95 + $1.00 surcharge...
    Plus a monthly fee for Cybertrader...
    Plus max 6:1 leverage.

    I am doing extremely well at IB right now.
    I don't believe that Questrade can compete with IB.

    All I got from Questrade was bait and switch...
    And that page at the link is very nice bait indeed.

    Caveat Emptor.

  6. well whats a good rate these days in Canada for 100k+ shares daily...?
  7. That's an open ended question.
    Depends what you trade.

    You will always pay for leverage...
    Anybody giving you leverage will try to take most of your profits...
    And leverage = potential Refco situation.

    Since the OSC kicked Southwest Securities out of Canada about 2-3 years ago...
    (Look it up with Google)...
    It's CLEARLY illegal for a US firm to deal with a Canadian customer...
    Except through a Canadian subsidiary.

    So competition is limited.

    IB is a market leader...
    By still giving me same rates as in US...
    Which they don't have to...
    They could be "evil" and charge 50% more.
    ** And the money is safe. **

    And most of the complaints about IB are nit-picking by whiners/losers.

    There is very limited competition in Canada.

    If you know of a legitimate competitor to IB...
    Let me know...
    But right now I'm automating all by trading using the IB API...
    Which is not perfect but perfectly workable.

    Bots are the way to go.
    Change or die.

  8. i trade at the office and remote
  9. I want to thank alot of the people leaving me PM'S..I forgot to mention that I do dont want any offers from Genesis and the likes, simply becasue they cant offer me the leverage I am looking for.