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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by giannos, May 24, 2005.

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    I'm looking to trade remote in Canada. Does anybody know the "best" company to work with. I can put up a small bank, but I do require leverage. Would like between 300-500k bp. Any advive would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Call Rob Friesen in BC. 604.539.8700.

  3. Last summer I had the chance to be in a cabin in Michigan for 3 weeks. I paid the owner's bill to have high speed DSL put in, which was just offered in that community. The ping time was *faster* than it was from office to my home - both in downtown Chicago. From there it was pretty much an ideal situation. Work 6 and half hours a day, and then go hiking in the forest out the back door, or go swimming with the kids. No commute, crime, smog. Much cheaper living costs.

    With about a week left, I was hooked up to the national securities markets and trading, when a deer came by about 8 feet from the window with a small baby. 20 seconds later the other baby with white spots comes by. It was kind of magical.

    Living in the city is worse, and more expensive. My forecast is for declining city property values - but I'm never right.
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    It sounds really nice, I really like the freedom as a trader. So which company did you work with?

  5. The company was SBC/Yahoo for the DSL.

    I was livin' the dream that modern telecommunications can provide. The price of city real estate shows not many other people are interested.
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    hmm... I meant the broker company you traded with...:confused:
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    I need more leverage than 10-1 so Genesis is not an option for me...Lot of talk about Echo but i dont really know much about them...I'm liking Golden out of Montreal