Looking into Prop Firms & need help with payouts

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by CaliBoy, Jun 2, 2009.

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    I have just graduated and wanted to break into Prop Firms. I have no idea about stocks,option or futures. But I am willing to work hard and learn. Not interested to earn big $$$, willing to learn industry. I got a offer from a firm but I have no idea what it means or is it good for me or anything. Please advice. I am located in San Francisco and willing to move to find a "good prop shop." If anything in mind, let me know, any other prop firms. I am very naive about the industry and process so, please leave a detail answer and please explain how commission structure works out. I have no idea about it.

    Cost of Training $1,000.00

    Minimal Capital Contribution $2,500.00

    Registration Fees $876.00

    Per Share Rate 0.004 plus/minus exchange fees

    Payout 75% (2years or $200,000 gross)

    Monthly Share Requirement 250,000

    Software/Desk Fee $-

    Is is it a good offer for newbie with no prior EXP and knowledge. I am Open for advice and offers. please leave me a massage.

    Thank you