Looking into a Dell for a new system...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Hockey Trader, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I am a beginner and want a descent setup mostly for trading. I am not a big gamer and otherwise aside from the trading, I just do some email, message board stuff, youtube, etc.

    Specifically, I am looking into a Dell. I would like 3 monitors, all around 19" or so. I did a search and found quite a few people who liked the T3400 or 3500.

    Would either of these be sufficient?

    When ordering, what type of graphic card should I get? Would I need to buy anything extra to support the three monitors? Any specific requirements in terms of memory, processor, etc?

    I guess I worry about having too much power setup into my outlet as well, but I don't know either way if that will be an issue yet. Hopefully not.

    I appreciate the help
  2. Kull


    one monitor will do if you know what you are doing

    100 monitors are worthless if you don't know what you are doing

    I would bet my ass and my money, that you don't know what you are doing
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  4. Thanks, MGB...Although I think some of those are overpriced compared to what I need and in terms of my level.
  5. If you can get by with only 2 monitors, virtually any computer these days will be OK.

    For 3 or more monitors, or if you want something better than "cheapest budget" model, the place to start is the Dell T3400. Even if you decide to buy something else, you should compare against the T3400 for features and value.

    Buy one off of the Dell Outlet site. Win XP is preferred for trading.

    Quadro NVS 290 video card is plenty. You'll need an additional card for 3-4 monitors.

    If you plan to run 30" monitors, you'll want the Quadro FX 570 video card.

    And yes, TradingComputers is a cruel joke.
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    Agreed. They are overpriced. They've done the research on specs so I use them as a reference when putting my own computer.

    I second the other guy's suggestion to use the Dell Outlet. Excellent way to get the most value for your dollar.
  7. Thanks a lot, guys.

    That seems like a good idea with the Dell outlet. I can get my boss to order it as well, which I believe should qualify for an additional discount.

    No need for 30"....I don't have much room on my desk! 19"-21" are more than plenty.

    The 3400 is nice, with some upgrades and such. I think that will be my choice.

    Thanks again and enjoy the day
  8. I purchased an Optiplex 755 and LOVE IT. I know that the Dell Outlet is having a sale on Optiplex 760's right now - depending on what you are doing you really don't need something as robust as a T3400/T3500 unless you are running major spreadsheets and multiple trading applications such as Bloomberg, etc.

    I'd start somewhere lower than a Precision if I were you. I decided that a $350 box + a good video card (Matrox quad card) was better - i'm focusing on the trading then worrying about the hardware later.