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  1. I remember when I owned Tradestation 4 that it had a feature called something like "look inside a bar", where based on the relationship of the high and low to the open and close, it tries to determine what order the high and low occurred in. I imagine the current version of TS still has this feature. I was doing some system development yesterday in another product, which does not have it, and was using some 15 minute bars and found that some very inaccurate assumptions were being made. I believe that the more minutes per bar, the more important it is to have this feature.

    - Does anyone know of other development products with this feature?

    - What about products like Wealth Lab and eSignal language, do they take this into account?

    - Do most seasoned developers test using tick data or short (1-3) minute bars to minimize this problem?

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    Something i have done to try and minimize this concern for myself is scale down the time frame so that the logic is still the same, but just running on a smaller time frame to not have to worry about intra bar fills. Easiest to do with patterns.
  3. Therein lies a drawback of full systemization...