Looking green

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  1. Bet that's a relief for those who took a nibble-- was looking pretty bleak earlier.:D
  2. what the hell is it rallying for?!!!
    no way this can continue.
    needs to get its arse down !
  3. Es 81 points up from its lows in Globex - going to keep squeezing higher.

    1160 - 1190 doable in globex
  4. 1190 would be RIDICULOUS. Im swing short at the mo with a stop at around 1200
  5. selling off again now :D
  6. During times such as these it sometimes pays to break the rules one has to regulate sleep. This move has been the sharpest retrace in the stock index futures since the selloff began, whether RTH or AS.

  7. Woo hoo!

    Green on the screen!

    Release the BEAST!

    This market has too many ball-less mooks who get scared too easily and sell everything. Never seen so many p*ssies in my life. I guess I gotta get used to this. Next time I see p*ssies, gonna have to hit the sell button like there is no tomorrow and make mad fast money.
  8. 1117 es here 6:32 am et aug 9 - should get abc up to 1160 - 1190
  9. S2007S


    I think it would have been better to see the opening down 2-3% followed by a reversal mid-day instead of it happening in the futures market last night. There is going to be EXTREME volatility today!!!!

    BUBBLE ben bernanke meeting today as well.
  10. make that BUBBLE HELICOPTER ben bernanke
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