Looking Good For GOP Senate Take Over In 2014

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    Despite all of the doom and gloom about the future of the Republican Party following the 2012 election, the reality is that Republicans actually have a chance of retaking the Senate in 2014. Those hopes improved on Wednesday as Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins said that barring a serious illness or another catastrophe, she plans to run for reelection.

    In 2014, Democrats will be defending a total of 21 seats, including seven states Mitt Romney carried — Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina. In contrast, Republicans will be defending 14 seats. All of those seats are in Romney states, except for one — the Collins seat in Maine.

    Though it would be tough for most Republicans to win in Maine, Collins has been able to do so. In 2008, she got reelected with nearly 62 percent of the vote in a state that Obama won by 17 points. After fellow moderate Maine Republican Olympia Snowe retired, Republicans lost control of the other Maine Senate seat last year.

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    Tsing Tao

    Snowe was a republican in name only.

    pspr, you just know AK47 is going to show up in this thread and post about the polls from the last election, right? Suggest you don't quote me and get a response ready.
  3. Dems will keep The Senate in 2014,you heard it here first :)
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    But she will give the Majority Leader to the GOP. That's important.

    And, yes, I know AK will be here with his ak-47 trying to blow holes in the story. :D

    I think he is already hopping up and down mad!

    UPDATE: Ooops. All AK had was a blank. :D
  5. You stole that line.
  6. Democrats are running away from Obama. Obama's views are opposite so many people's views, he doesn't really fit the middle, he doesn't fit anything but the farthest left... I expected that he would have gored so many oxen that he wouldn't win in 2012. Maybe it's finally catching up to him. 'Sides, Harry Reid and Feinstein are not the best of friends recently, the Democrats resolve might weaken considerably. The economy is going nearly nowhere at all..
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    Same with 4 years ago.

    Actually there has been a little bounce in the economy but I find it surprising and don't expect it to last too long. ObamaCare and regulation has business pulling back. Corporate America is sitting on more cash than ever because they are afraid to expand. Small business is just hunkering down waiting for the next shoe to drop. Consumers just got slapped with more withholding in January and personal incomes are down across the board.
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    Given that you parasites, welfare queens and your bleeding heart candy ass liberal cheerleaders now outnumber the productive tax payers. I'm surprised the democraps didn't take the senate in Nov.
  9. Repeating that over and over again doesn't make it true buddy
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    It's true whether I repeat it or nor kid.
    It's true whether you keep denying or not.
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