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  1. Hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. I have a solid system in place and I'm looking for the right firm to work with.

    Essentially, I need zero cost per trade aside from the costs of removing liquidity, gateway charges, clearing etc. (standard prop). I need a company that I can use an automated strategy with, and I want to trade remote (I'm based in Canada). All this, and I want the highest cut possible ( > 50%)... :)

    Does such a beast exist? What are the best options?
  2. Try World Trade Securities. Contact the Montreal office.
  3. I sent you a PM.
  4. Thanks for everyone who responded or sent me a pm. I've learned a few new things this week. For one, it sounds like US based firms can only operate in BC, not in any other provinces... can anyone comment on this?
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    Ask the guys from Bright trading. They are the ones involved in BC.
  6. Me and my buddies are looking for firm to trade MTO markets.
    Any suggestions?
  7. Not sure maybe it is a US firm which has a BC location and that location only has local traders? I know firms like EchoTrade will allow Canadians if they obtain the series 7; However, it differs from firm to firm. Every firm has a different legal structure in place and accepts traders under different circumstances.