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    At the beginning of 2013 a new newsletter will be rolled out and distributed globally to financial professionals who engage in commodities based execution. The LaSalle Letter will be translated into 6 different languages, cover all asset classes, offer commentary and technical analysis on each asset class, and have no subscription fee. We are using both Push and Pull marketing methods with the active distribution of the letter as well as the website presence.

    The LaSalle Letter is currently accepting writing samples from aspiring content providers. If you have a good understanding of a specific tradable product on any major exchange (not individual stocks)...you are invited to submit a sample to us. Please submit samples to eytan936@gmail.com.

    Compensation models will be discussed if we decide to go forward with your content.

    We are looking for 3 pieces of content a week. Support and Resistance, Trend lines, regression points, fundamental analysis, anything that you find relevant to the price movement of any given commodity contract.

    Please submit material, comments and/or questions to eytan936@gmail.com.

    Thank you and hope to see what you have in mind.