Looking for web/java based futures trading

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by CoralReef, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Problem is at work I am behind a firewall and they wont budge on opening ports needed to run trading platforms.

    So is there any decent web based futures brokers out there? I'm looking to make multiple trades per day..

    Dont need charts or anything, just order entry. Only want to trade the ES.
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    How about IB WebTrader?
  3. ThinkorSwim is ok. With web-based futures brokers I don't think you'll find anything too great, but they should be good enough.

    Another idea is to use logmein.com. I use it all the time from work......also behind a firewall. It's free and lets you control your home computer from your work computer.

    What I do is log into ThinkorSwim at work and detach the Prophet Charts and close the ThinkorSwim page. I then have another page opened up with logmein.com and I use that page to access my home computer and use the downloadable ThinkorSwim software to enter orders because it's much faster and a better interface than the crappy web-based version. Kind of irritating to have to do it this way, but it works good enough.
  4. I 2nd IB's WebTrader. I use it on my home computer and at the public libraries computer.