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  1. Guys, i'm not a big fan of desktop software. I've been using TradeStation for 5 years but it's too complicated for me. What are the most reliable web based charts?
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  3. ProRealTimeCharts is a web charting package that is pretty nice.
    Real time data will cost you, though (looks on the order of a desktop platform + data...$100/month or so).
    End of Day is free and they offer a 7-day trial of the real time, so that might be worth a look.
    I'm pretty sure they offer forex as well.

    Freestockcharts is probably the best free one that I've seen.
    For quick and dirty look at a chart, I usually just use stockcharts or bigcharts (which also has option chains).
    I don't think any of those three offer forex, though.
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    How come u dont have your own website? victor securities is more of a traditional brokerage?
  5. You can also get FX quotes with freestockcharts
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    as far as i can judge, you need web-based trading software. you can try saxo webtrader, for example. as for me, i'm using protrader web.

    hope, it will help =)