looking for web based backtesting tool

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fan27, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. fan27


    Are there any good web based back testing sites out there that will:

    1. Allow me to create entry/exit criteria (both pre-built and custom).
    2. Search against one to many stocks.

  2. What is driving the requirement for web based?
  3. fan27


    I am looking for a tool that does not require the user write code. Seems like the web based tools are typically geared towards that.

  4. There are programs that create strategies based on user criteria. Some will even generate the code. Avoid those that use genetic programming or evolution. Read this thread carefully from start to end:

  5. you may want to look at tradelink.

    it's free and open source, been around since 2008, works with 15+ brokers and has 400+ strong developer community and tens of thousands of installs.

    it is designed to run on the desktop, but it comes with a free tool that will let you design strategies without knowing how to code.

    google tradelink project or tradelink.org for more info
  6. fan27


    thanks guys. I will check out your suggestions.