Looking for wannebe traders.(Belgium)

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  1. well I wouldn't advertise that you never know eh

    Belgium has pretty HIGH taxes
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  2. danielc1


    I'm not doing anything illegal, I just use a 'construction'.
    And it is already being audit it by the government. Twice...
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  3. Kicking, do you live in Belgium? I live in Belgium, and believe me, we all laugh with your reaction. If you don't know how it works in Belgium it would be better not to react the way you did.

    We don't pay taxes as the americans do, but that's normal if you see that we have the highest tax level in the world.

    For instance we can trade through offshore legally, which seems to be very difficult in the US. So don't compare the US situation with our situation.

    Over here we see no correlation at all between the taxes you pay and how long you are already trading.
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  4. are you a former prop bank trader, KBC?
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    No... Who did you had in mind?
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    so whats the dodge spike?

    are you saying that if i trade in belgium with my trading account held in usa and my bank account in switzerland, then i wont have to pay tax?
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  7. All i say is that Kicking's reaction was completely wrong. His conclusions were not right for the belgian situation.

    About what to do to pay as less taxes as possible: i try to take care of my situation, i don't feel the need to give advise to others nor to explain what i do and why.
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  8. nobody in particular, just asking, they have a pretty good derivatives group from what i hear
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  9. I really don't see how you can have it structured so as to pay 0 corporate tax and 0 income tax on your trading profits. Anyway income tax is just one side of the equation, there is the other tax , the great universal social security. That alone is pretty much equivalent to income tax in some other countries. Anyway you guys do whatever you want , you just don't come off as very credible
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  10. Reading is fundamental

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