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    I want to create a team of max. six people here in Belgium. I will teach them the craft and they are free to adapt it to there style. You must have your own money(+- 50000$) and a will to succeed. There will be a non-disclosure contract. Markets covered are the currencies, futures, options and world stock market. You are free to pick a market that you like.
    The meaning of this is to create an environment that can produce more opportunity's. I only have 24 hour a day and with six other people we can make a lot more money then every single individual.

    What I do not need are 'know-it-alls' and people with 'status'.
    What I'm looking for are people with some background information and an open mind. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to respond.
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    1) What's in it for you?
    2) Usually, these deals are "we teach you our system and you trade our money on a split." Why is yours different?
    3) If I am trading my own money, why is there a non-disclosure contract?

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    1) I hope I will have a Team that can work together to make more money. I can not keep my eyes on every opportunity that exist out there. But when someone is willing to do the currencies and someone else is willing to do the commodities, then you can benefit both from the inside the person has developed for his market.(This is an example.)

    2) I know, I have tried that. The difference is that people trading there own money has more responsibility and are independent from me. So it is more based on a partnership then a employer/boss situation. Plus that the criteria of $50000 will cancel out people with a job mentality.

    3) Non disclosure contract is for preventing that you will teach other people without my approval.
  4. I'm every day in Antwerpen and might be interested in meeting you. Just to see who you are and what you propose (in a more detailed way). Unfortunately i daytrade since 1990, so i'm not a newbie. But i'm open minded and i know that i don't know all.

    Misschien tot later.
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    So let me see if I get this straight:

    1) You are going to teach people to trade in a team, where the team is set up so that each can trade one market, or is the team trading all markets at all time?

    2) Are you also trading everyday with the team in the same office?

    3) Is the only interaction between the team an informational one, or is my money entangled with yours in any way?

    4) I still don't see what is in it for you. When you teach people, are you charging them for those lessons?

    5) What are your qualifications and experience that you will use to demonstrate that you are an "expert" and therefore should be giving lessons? Can you show tax returns from trading (not lessons) that you are a profitable trader?

  6. Hes obviously doing this to get an override through some clearing firm.
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    We can meet in the Hilton hotel in Antwerp(Groenplaats) for the first time if you want to. Send me a PM.

    1) I trade all markets and everybody is free to do the same. The more markets you trade the more information you must process. So it can be handy that someone can just give the details on the market he or she is specialized in. But to do this we must all speak and think the same 'language'.

    2) It can be in an office or in my home.

    3) Informational one. Your money, is your money.

    4) No, the lesson are for free.

    5) I cannot 'prove' my income with a tax statement, because I do not pay taxes on my trading. Besides that, what do you get out of the fact I make dollars from trading but I can not teach you?
    People will find out rapadly if I can trade or not.


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  9. you don't pay tax ? ahaha man that is too funny

    how long have you been trading ?
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    +15 years
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