looking for wall digital clock with a repeat alarm

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by watchdaride, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Looking for a digital clock to put on the wall to see from about 10' that also has a repeat alarm you can set for every 15 minutes . Any one come across something like this .
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  2. tommcginnis


    I would specify a really cheap one, too -- cuz you'll soon be throwing hard, solid objects at it every 15 minutes.
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  4. Tora


    I am not sure but have you tried to look at something like on AliExpress or similar sites for basically everything else ? I do not see any case to be located there completely. Your need is somewhat specific, but Chinese probably already did it for you;)
  5. does anyone have a link on Aliexpress cheap but qualitative digital clock?
  6. Hey dude, i've asked myself the same question a few weeks ago, and have done some research on it. I've been looking for a wall digital clock which will have a repeat alarm in it and based on my research, I would say that in my personal opinion- AliExpress is just the Best choice. It offers the best prices and the quality is quite good if you choose the right seller. I'm personally using a price tracker extension which helps me to find out the best offers that are sorted by the sellers trust factor, reviews on the previous sold items, etc. Here's a link to it- https://alitools.io/en . It will help you a lot. Good Luck! =]]