Looking for VIOLENT market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by journeyman, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Guys (and Gals?) -

    I am searching and scanning my arse off at the moment for a particular market:

    1) equity or future
    2) reasonable b/a spread
    3) medium to high liquidity (=5 min resolution is liquid and not discrete jumps)

    AND (this is the cruncher):

    4) as little sideways movement as possible (I mean I am looking for something that flies up, crashes down, and pauses very seldomly for a breath == all mountains and valleys)

    I know you guys are connected to virtually every game in every town so if anyone has any bells ringing I'd appreciate a shout.

  2. tyler19


  3. gbp/jpy
  4. cmaxb


    HSI or crude
  5. harmless


    NQ at opening LOL :p
  6. just21


    Natural gas on globex.
  7. harmless


    man are we diverse or what
  8. does a CME Globex data subscription get miNY data, or it always necessary to sign up to NYMEX?
  9. DAX
  10. just21 (or other miNY traders):

    is this maths right:

    QG index goes from 7.78 to 7.84 = +0.06

    0.06/0.005 = 12 ticks

    12 * 12.50 = $150?
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