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  1. I have 2 trades I made about 2 years ago that has made me roughly 8x my money. My account never fluctuated on the downside more then 1% a day. I would like to discuss these 2 trades in a PM with someone with tons of knowledge on the markets etc.

    Thank you and looking forward to PMs
  2. Let me guess: you bought two CDs:)
  3. no one cares. while you made 8x we've be trading making 80x, some occasionally, p90x.
  4. Sweet, you make 80x without your account ever going down a single % any single day? must be nice. why are you posting on a forum and not sipping a corona on your own private beach?
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  6. LOL P90X

  7. If I post a more indepth post with charts and the trades involved, will I get a more serious response? The problem is I don't want to give the trade away to everyone, just a select few that may be able to help me structure the strategy a little better then already and make some profit with me.

    That was my first post on this forum and obviously I did something wrong. Please inform on how to turn this around without me giving away the trade to everyone that reads this forum.
  8. ==============
    Took Trender;
    yes .
    Why dont you post a similiar trend, using a ETF or ;
    SPY, QQQ,GE, silver, gold, Citicorp, or liquid stock ......................................... If its not very liquid-probably should not post the exact trade. Dont do pm much at all...

    Assuming its not a option sale;
    its got to be simply a good downtrend or good up trend.
    May take 20 or 50 days to reply;
    but that's not a prediction.
    Thanks ;
    wisdom is profitable to direct
  9. Murray thank you for the first honest reply. Someone finally reached out to me in a PM and I told them of the trade and they advised me against sharing it on this forum.

    Thank again for the interest.
  10. If you read the other posts here you can see where the cynicism comes from.

    There isn't much that is elite here, just a lot of people with bullchit posts.

    I come here for my daily,laughs.

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