Looking for VantagePoint 7.0

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  1. Hi, I am looking to find a copy of VantagePoint 7.0 to try out. I have been interested in the program for a while but am reluctant to buy it.
    The only "free trial" that they offer is to pay for the program up front, use it for 15 days and then return it if not satisfied.
    I have 2 problems with this:
    1. I don't want to put my money at risk without knowing what I'm paying for.
    2. I don't think that 15 days is long enough for me too make a decision on whether to buy it or not.
    I can try it on a couple of different computers to "extend" my trial and then make a decision.
    If you have copy of the program and would like to sell or give me one I would appreciate it.
    I am not interested in buying your access codes as they told me they would not activate a product that is not bought from them.
    PM or email me if you have any info on where I can look for a copy.
  2. I forgot to mention. I am looking for all of the modules available. If you have them please let me know. Thank you.
  3. put you two moving averages on a chart and you have vantage point. mb
  4. There's a guy trying to sell his copy for about $600 on ET. Do a search.
  5. I saw it. Thanks.
  6. Lock yourself in your bedroom until the feeling passes.

    There, I just saved you about $500. Plus what you
    would have lost trading it.

    You can thank me later.

    -Dr. Lizardo
  7. save your money, and do a google search on VP.

    feedback from buyers of the software overwhelmingly indicate that it is completely useuless and doesnt do anything near what Market Technologies claim it does.

    read the small print on their website. at first glance you'd think that you can use VP to predict trends with 80% accuracy, and their screenshots showing moving averages crossing at the start of trends would make you think, perhaps, that it proves entry signals.

    read again. it does nothing of the sort.

    the 80% accuracy refers to their Neual Index which is of no use at all in getting into trades. and the projected moving averages are about as much use as two simple MA's - except choppier and more prone to false crossovers.

    So keep your cash in your trading account and trade with two moving averages if you think VP would be any use, you'll probably have better results.
  8. Have either you or Abritrageur personally used the program? I do appreciate you guys for trying to stop me from making a mistake. I have googled this topic and I find various takes on the program. Some like it and some don't. Obviously I am not looking to find a "holy grail" as I know that such a thing doesn't exist. However, I am trying to find a trading system that delivers a high win rate, which I would like to see around 85%+.
    I will mention that I am a relatively new trader and don't know much about the markets or the various programs that are out there.
  9. traderob


    I have the program - 4 years now - and it is not worth the price of the discs it came on.
    Emilio had good advice: lock yourself in a room till the urge to buy it passes. Or lease Tradestaion for 6 months, program some trading systems, and you will understand why Vantage point doesn't work.
  10. Do many of you use tradestation? I have been looking into that as well. I see that many people use it and are pretty satisfied.
    Is it pretty user friendly? I am not a computer programmer nor am I familiar with complex or simple computer languages.
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