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  1. Im taking the series 3 in a couple weeks and have been using old Dearborn book from 97. I'm looking for an updated book with a cd of the practice tests, which I also do not have. I'm in Chicago. I can come pick it up if you have it. thanks in advance...
  2. is the series 3 to manage a forex firm
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    Forget about the book, if you have not even peeked into the test bank then be ready for the surprises in the exam. Rush to get the test bank CD from somewhere even new one from Dearborne.
  4. woah, so the cd is that important huh. My plan was to go throught the whole book first. what about the practice exams in the book? Thanks for your input.
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    CD should have 1000+ practice questions, I doubt the book would give you same exposure. Many of the questions from CD should be repeated in the exam.....at least that my experience with Dearborne's education system. Try EBAY for used book or cd but hurry.