Looking for US prop shops - Training / no capital - similar to Trillium/Kershner

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  1. Hello all, I am interested in finding a prop shop here in the US to work for. While I have never day traded real securities, I have other experience trading.

    I am interested in a place that provides training at no cost and uses firm capital. Ideally, a small starting salary like Trillium does but that's not really necessary.

    I worked for 18 months at an elite quant trading firm. Think SIG/Jane Street/Optiver.

    I left last summer and have been trading political markets in the US as well as recently, cryptocurrencies.

    I don't want to talk about my crypto returns because I am so new but I am extremely successful trading political markets (PredictIt.org). My returns are around 50-100% per week after fees on about 5k of capital. However there are very strict contract limits and limited contacts to trade, meaning it's impossible to grow there.

    I want to transition into trading securities because of risks to what I currently do. PredictIt could be shut down at any time - they have a no action letter from the CFTC which could be revoked at any time. Also, cryptos could suddenly dry up due to bubble bursting or regulations.

    While I understand this trading doesn't translate directly into securities, and securities trading is a lot harder, I am much more interested in being responsible for my own book than the super flat structure of quant trading. I know that is a ways in the future but it is what I want to do.

    I obviously need training, and do not expect to make money right away. I am interested in a firm willing to invest in me for the (granted, not guaranteed) future PnL that they take a large cut of. Of course I expect them to be a very selective shop.

    I don't expect a salary per se, but I know of at least one firm that provides one: Trillium. Unfortunately I think that bridge was burned back when I was in the middle of the interview process and declined them to take a job in quant.

    Does anyone know of such firms? I have tried to do research but mostly find arcades that require you to pay for everything including training and capital requirement. Obviously that requires me to already be profitable but just want to use their leverage, platform, and I guess colleagues to enhance trading.

    I have found some potentials in Gelber, Kershner, and First NY but would love some others because it's never wide to put all eggs in only a few baskets.

    If it matters I have a Series 7 and 57.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    DRW is looking for crypto traders. Most think they have most advanced and quite frankly the best crypto desk in the business.
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    I think they have the only real crypto desk in the business. It might change and the space might get way more competitive (unless, of course, cryptos will go to zero as everyone seem to predict) but at the moment they are the only ones that are playing the game properly.
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    Yeah, one of their guys on the crypto desk just hung it up - retired to the South of France. True fact.
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    So that's it, bitcoin is going to zero tomorrow :p
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  7. Always a bonus when a fact is true.

    Don't see much of that these days.

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