Looking for TRIX functionality in Real Time Charting Software?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by jamesblue, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Anyone have any ideas for software that charts TRIX (triple exponential moving averages) real time, with alert capabilities?

    I want to use this a part of my entry (and exit) indicators for short-term swing trading (i.e. when the alert goes off, I can evaluate an entry or exit). The system should be able to draw in real-time (5 second or 30 second delays are probably acceptable).

    For some reason, most real-time live charting software doesn't have TRIX in thier tool set for analitics.

    Looking for a low-cost, real-time data feed technical analysis software.

    I know Swingtracker doesn't.. (I just confirmed today again).

    I know Active Trader Pro doesn't have TRIX features either. This is the primary platform I used in 2008.

    I know that Tradestation's version is pretty weak and has TRIX but I can't get the darn thing to work.

    I'm not a programer, so don't recommend any code or language. I am looking for something turn-key.

    I think E-Signal does, but fees are high.

  2. Not included by default as far as I know but this would be easy to code in TOS or NinjaTrader. First is free with an account, second is just free if you don't use it for order entry.

    I know you said you dont code, but two lines of script is hardly an effort. I bet if you even asked nice on the support forums for either someone would probably toss it together for you out of kindness.
  3. Thanks Norman....

    Ok, so it seems that programming is required if I want a quick solution to use the feature for TRIX (just have to decide on which platform to use).

    But I don't understand your statement (paraphrasing here); "with one being free, while the other is limited"... Please explain.

    I like TOS platform but it's a little hard to get used to.... Don't know anything about Ninjatrader.

    I agree that there seems to be a lot of openess on the site, but I wanted to avoid any programming, that's why I gave up on Tradestation.

    Any else out there have ideas for software that runs TRIX features?
  4. Sierrachart has TRIX.

    You can change it around a lot, too: histogram, line, color based on slope, color based on whether it's positive or negative, etc.
  5. Tums


    TRIX is a very simple calculation.

    What do you mean by "weak"? LOL

    It is only a moving average for crying out loud.
    Either the formula works, or doesn't. There is no in-betweens.

    You apply it to your chart, the same way you apply MACD, Stoch, or any other indicator.
    How can you not get the darn thing to work ???
  6. I take that back, Ninja Trader does include a TRIX indicator by default. So there you go, no programming at all needed.
  7. Thanks Norman... TRIX is also in TD Ameritrade's Strategy Desk / Commander 2.0.