Looking for trading resource websites in Chinese / Spanish / Arabic / Hindi languages

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by birdman, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. birdman


    I have EastMoney.com in the Chinese language and am looking for traders resource sites in each of the top 10 languages.

    1. Mandarin Chinese - 882 million
    2. Spanish - 325 million
    3. English - 312-380 million
    4. Arabic - 206-422 million
    5. Hindi - 181 million
    6. Portuguese - 178 million
    7. Bengali - 173 million
    8. Russian - 146 million
    9. Japanese - 128 million
    10. German - 96 million

    I do have the english language nailed down pretty good but welcome all other suggestions.

  2. Bob111


    what for? are you planning to read all of them? :p
  3. You are....deca-lingual? :confused:
  4. birdman


    It's a start - thanks :)

    Nope - not gonna read em all - it's complicated:)
  5. I am guessing that the business model is as follows:
    - the OP owns the domain EastMoney.com, which he/she wishes to commercialize.
    - the OP wishes to do this by creating a hub linking to useful information for web users interested in "East Money" (hence the OP wants links to "eastern" language trading related sites)
    - if the OP succeeds in creating a hub with useful links, the site will have many web visitors, and can be commercailized via web advertising (e.g. google adwords)
  6. birdman


    information is to help in the development of a resource for traders located in emerging countries and may be narrowed to China only and no, i don't own http://eastmoney.com nor am i connected to them nor any site mentioned in this thread

    Thanks to all:)