Looking for traders to share Daily P/L

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by rin4et, May 22, 2019.

  1. rin4et


    Anybody interested in sharing screenshots of their daily P/L. I will not ask about your strategy. I am not looking to profit from someone else's hard work.
    I don't share my trading journey with my regular friends so it will be nice to find a trading buddy and we can keep each other motivated.

    Only requirements are that you are profitable and you trade atleast once a week. I am not looking for swing traders or buy and holders.

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  2. wrbtrader


    Why can't you get motivated by the screenshots that's already being posted here at ET ?

    Also, why do you use the phrase "trading partner" ?

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  3. Overnight


    So you want to share sceeenshots only with profitable daytraders. And you do not share your trading journal with your "regular friends".

    Seems to me, your regular friends would be the ones to keep you motivated, not the int3ErW3BZ3
  4. The only reason why someone needs motivation is when that person is still struggling to become profitable. Otherwise, you don't need to get motivated to trade. All you need is your discipline to follow your trading plan to execute it.

    Maybe you mean motivation in another way...

    Good luck and I'm out.
  5. gaussian


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  6. rin4et


    I had somebody for the past year or so and my trading performance was much better during that time. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons he is not trading anymore. Therefore I am looking for someone else or multiple people.
    I have found a couple people already and we have setup up a discord server. I am looking to see if anyone else wants to join.
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  7. padutrader


    you cannot trade my or anybody else 's strategy.....it is not possible and you will lose even if we win.
    just making a point..which you have not understood sorry to be out of topic
  8. d08


    Then you don't have a strategy but mostly random guesswork. That $7 in equity explains things.
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  9. padutrader


    why are worried about my capital and my strategy or lack of it-YOU ONLY KNOW BOTH BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO LET YOU KNOW. you are hiding your capital

    I have never said I am profitable so WHY ARE YOU REPEATING WHAT I HAVE ADMITTED TO?

  10. padutrader


    what I have said is that I will be the best trader in the world and I am well on the way to do that
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