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    Hello, Successful commodity trader 36 YO, who just left the Board of Trade (Chicago) to move home to Seattle, WA. Looking for traders in the area. Willing to help or train (free of course) interested in starting a trading group or room.

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    what is your trading style?

  3. Demarco8


    Well, I began my career in 1998 working for Dr.George Lane who taught a school on Stochastics in Illinois for a year. Although I was not impressed by the material, I received a whole year of education studying the market without actually trading it. During that year, George's partner taught be about basic Elliott patters, Fibonacci retracement levels, multiple time frame analysis, Keltner bands (for determing volatility and short term direction)

    It became a bit confusing, but I worked hard for many years, and to make a long story short I buy and sell support and resistance. These areas are typically corrections (pullbacks) on many different time frames. By watching how the price reacts to each support/resistance level will give you clues on to where the next targe will be.

    I didn't really starting making a lot of money untill 2002, when I decided not to concentrate so hard on being correct an have a high winning percentage, but to put all my effort into money management skills.

    When the market is slow I would trade about 2000 trades, when the volatility picks up I trade well over 10,000 e-minis
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    I'm 27 and have traded equities for the last 3 years. But I really consider this more of a hobby than a job so I don't see myself being a serious trader. If you want to send me some info on your plans on starting your own trading group please mail something to my work (The Red Robin that is located next to Macy's and the Chessecake Factory on the eastside of Lake Washington) You should be able to figure out the address according to those clues. You can use my user name on the envelope. Thanks.
  5. Demarco8,

    You sent me your phone number awhile back....think we talked on the phone....but old heimer's is kicking in right now. You sent me a PM with your phone number.

    Located in Kirkland. If you want to meet sometime....let me know.

  6. samui


    I live about an hour from Seattle, however I have a place to stay in Seattle.

    I have been trading the ES for 3 years using only the 20 day moving average. I would like to learn to day trade.

    Do you plan to start a physical room or a virtual room. If you started a hotcomm room I would imagine you would have several hundred traders in a few days
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    I'm looking for people on the Big Island of Hawaii who are are trading. Please help me find these people.

  8. Start a thread about looking for traders on the Big Island of Hawaii...

    I doubt if you will find many in the Seattle thread...:confused:
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  9. You trade well over 10,000 e-mini's in a day?
  10. I hope you are joking thinking the thread starter will be able to figure
    out the address where you work at Red Robin?

    If not, then why not pm the guy with your address or phone #?
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