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  1. I am looking for one or two traders to exchange trade ideas and signals with. It's hard to keep an eye for short term opportunities in all markets .
    Would be great if you were a long time ET member, had similar account size, age and market experience, did not rely on technical analysis as seen on CNBC and are neither a gunslinger nor one of those arrogant pricks. oh yeah and profitable with a hit rate of at least 60% , anything under that discourages me, I don't like losing streaks .
    i.e acc size < 100K , age 20-40, trading full time mostly futures in equities, , currencies, sometimes fixed income (10 year notes) but also options on equities occasionnaly. Mostly 1-2 day trades or intraday trading, tight to very tight stops ($100-200/contract) targeting big moves or then "sure thing" trades.
  2. I trade money in the spot market.

    I can also trade stocks.

    My system never loses and produces great signals.

    Are you willing to provide funds for trading?
  3. Fxcm, forex.com,... can provide you their capital risk
    if you have any good record to show
  4. no newbie please sorry

    especially if they want to raise one million dollars and then ask how you "access the futures market " :D

    just want to add something: in stock indices and to a lesser extent in options on stocks I trade mostly on the long side (looking for upside with options). That is because I can't have near perfect timing on the short side and moves generally begin much more slowly or after a spike up to shake you out, when they are fast they are usually too fast for me to enter with a tight stop . Also large retracements in indices make it difficult to hang on for a big move. Not worth the aggravation and risk IMO.
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    How do you make a living, have a life and trade full- time with an account under 100Gs?
  6. At this point I hardly make a living to be honest (I have and still look for other sources of income), but I turn a profit if not every month every quarter with very little volatility, no real drawdown to speak of. My size remains very small though just increasing it a bit would make a difference. I do not trade a lot, a few trades per week. I am looking for more trade ideas that more or less correspond to my risk tolerance from someone for ex. who is succesful at trading intraday (but not high vol scalping ) to share intraday ideas and strategies with and for me to share my other setups (EOD)
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    id love to kicking - but im an arrogant prick which rules me out under your criteria

  8. I know I noticed that :D
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    I am making a very good living trading <£50K account, fulltime home-based daytrader. I am a newbie until i am retired from my trading...
  10. Learner,

    you trade ESTX50 right? I dabbled a bit in it circa 2004 , will give it a shot again starting next week . Daytrading only of course since those lazy germans don't want to trade round the clock
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