Looking for These Books

Discussion in 'Trading' started by scott55tt, May 23, 2007.

  1. I am looking for these books.

    Please PM me if you have them.

    (1) " Momentum, Direction, and Divergence " by William Blau

    (2) " Trading with Oscillators " : Pinpointing Market

    Extremes—Theory and Practice (Wiley Trader's Exchange)

    by Mark Etzkorn,

    (3) Trading on Momentum: Advanced Techniques for High Percentage Day Trading

    by Ken Wolff, Chris Schumacher, Jeff Tappan

    September, 2001


    " The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals and Phrases "

    by Constance Brown

    (5) " High Probability trading "

    "How To Make Money Performing Vascular Surgery Using Household Tools and Kitchen Utensils..."