Looking for the Worst Automated Systems

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by harooki2, Feb 13, 2009.

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    I'm working on some trading research that could turn some miserable systems into big winners. If anyone has a MetaTrader4 Expert Advisor that is a CONSISTENT loser in a 15-min to 4-hr environment and can share it with me, I would appreciate it. Just post your EA (it must work properly but be a loser) and I will apply my recovery application to it.

    This is not a joke (though it sounds like it), and I'm not trying to scam anyone. I have no financial motivation for doing this, except for my personal trading. If I benefit from it, I will share the results with you individually in return for your contribution.
  2. Well, I designed a mechanical ES system that's been running in paper-trade mode for the last couple of weeks. This thing is a DOOZY!. This week particularly, it's lost thousands per contract. When this thing loses money, it does it with a style and flair quite unmatched in the trading world.

    Not sharing the details though, because if it consistently loses money, over several months say, I might just use it as an anti-system and take the opposite of its trades.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's what the OP was hoping to do as well :)

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    Yeah, that always works awesome.
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    I know it is not a joke but do you really think if someone has created a consistent losing system is stupid enough for not trying to turn it up side down. :D


  6. If only it was that simple, hedgefunds would be hiring the dumbest traders.
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    I thought the returns over the last year proved that they did!


    Yuk yuk yuk yuk...
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    The most misunderstand and the most important is the word "consistent". Designing a consistent winning system or a consistent losing system is the same thing.

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    It certainly isn't that simple. I've turned a lot upside down and still lost money.:)
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    LOL! Brilliant :p
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