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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by felichka, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Does anybody know a stock scanning software that is customizable and able to display the searched result set in a form of multiple charts, that is a page with let's say 10 real time tick mini charts. I know a web site that can display in this format but you can not customize their criteria. I am using First Alert but it can not present result set as multiple charts. I would appreciate any comment.
  2. Anybody ???
  3. Can't you just set up the different charts you want in FirstAlert and link them? One symbol would populate all the charts. I use FirstAlert too and this works for me.
  4. There is a web service where you can see let's say NYSE most up 100 stocks, 10 charts per page that is very fast. I do not know how you can link charts to dynamic filter. Let's say I have a filter that is limited to 50 symbols I would like to see those charts really fast not one by one, but by 10. If you can tell me how to do it in First Alert I would appreciate it very much.

    Also in Real Tick Scanner/Filter thread cas says that everybody will be forced by October 31 to switch to Neovest thin client, this is news for me I am not sure it is so.
  5. I see what you mean, maybe I misunderstood. You want to see 10 different symbols at once, I thought you meant you wanted to see each symbol in 10 different charts with different time frames or indicators. I don't know how to make FA do that.