Looking for Steve46 comments on LRC

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Quiche, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Quiche


    Hello everyone,

    I was following the discussion on Linear Regression Channels by Steve46 late last week with great interest. Unfortunately, in viewing the site today, I see that the entire thread has been deleted.

    I was hoping that someone would still have the dialogue by Steve46 and could pass that along to me.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. zdreg


    why was it deleted?
  3. ozzy


    It was deleted because secrets of the trader brother hood were revealed and thus had to be removed.

    Seriously dude just slap LRC on your charts and see what works can't believe how many of you still need to be spoon fed.

    Later Suckas
  4. zdreg


    my interest was on the cause of deletion not the subject itself.
  5. ozzy


    my post was directed to the post above yours.

  6. Why bother?
  7. Hello folks:

    Here is a PM I received this evening from Takenoprisoners

    "Did you have it deleted because it showed you for what you really are? What else? Not the way you planned it. I'm sure you secretly saved it first so you could STUDY all my sage remarks. Go ahead admit it. I don't mind-I was sure to give you nothing tangible. I want you to struggle and suffer endlessly and continue to fail and lose money. I wish I could see it up close and personal as they say.

    I and my group are going to slap you down every time just like you do to the weak here.

    This should interest you as well; A sample of the pm's I get concerning you:

    "steve46 is truly an ill person and needs help literally, he has had lots of issues with several others here as well." See! I was even right about the state of your mental health!

    Apparently you are back out on the road. Sorry to know you ran out of money old man? Trading is for young people. Why don't you just watch porn in your hotel room rather than lose more money trying to learn to trade successfully. It's an uphill battle at your age. How much do you have to peddle to buy a laptop?"

    Check this out and ask yourself "What type of character does it take to write this"?

    I think those of you who really want to move your understanding forward need to mobilize and decide what kind of website ET should be. Do you want this kind of person here or not?

    I will tell you this. There have been many good traders who no longer show up here, Acrary, Tony Oz, Tripack, Nopmplease, and many more. I am pretty sure this is why. At some point, we all get fed up and figure "who needs this"?

    I have received several PMs asking if I will post again. So I will put the question back to you all. Do you want me here or would you prefer the company of the person who wrote the comments at the top of the page?

    Frankly I am OK either way.

    Take Care
  8. bronks


    Hmmmm. An idiot and an egotist.

    I'll have think about this one.
  9. Cheese


    Who says what about who? Does it matter? Slam back if you don't like what you get dished out to you. Or forget your detractors, if you have any? What do they amount to anyhow?

    Best advice: chill.

    ET is free wheeling territory .. by and large. Perhaps it should carry a warning notice: 'Adults Only'.

    For those pale souls who like to suck their thumbs or hold on to Mummy's apron strings, don't post. No one will have a go at you then.
  10. BVM88


    I went through most of the "what is an edge" thread the other day which did not take as long as expected after I realized that there was no value in reading the posts by samson/takenoprisoners. I was going to post something on my interpretation on what constitutes an edge and comment on the LRC, but luckily I went to bed instead of making the post as it would have been in vain. I'm not sure of the politics here on ET but from my perspective Steve46 was being hounded needlessly by a couple of complete scatterbrains (on a thread that he actually started as I recall). Rather than delete the thread the moderator should have banned or at least removed the hecklers IMO.
    #10     Mar 14, 2006