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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by gusmarone, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Looking to get back into the prop game. Looking for a stable firm with no run around as I have been through it before.

    I have my 7 and 63 and want to trade at a firm that makes that mandatory. Willing to put down 10k deposit that will be immediately able to be withdrawn if I decide to leave. 20 to 1 to start would be nice. Looking to pay roughly 4 bucks per thousand. Plan on trading 500k-1m shares a month.

    Some obvious things. 100% payout. Full disclosure on all fees and pass throughs including CRD fees etc. No desk fees, or platform fees. I want you to make money off me trading. Ability to pull up acct statement on a whim. Twice a month payouts minimum. I know some of these things are basics but I learned the hard way.

    Please PM if you can oblige to all these factors.
  2. Woh !!!@@!@!@!@!!
    Aren,t you asking for a lot
    And also can you give us some example how did you learn the hard way.
    So that we can learn from your mistake,s
  3. Exactly. Best deal for someone starting out would be:
    90% payout
    40:1 leverage
    $150/mo software fee

    In fact, I was offered this recently.

    Once you are established and proven, THEN you can work a better deal.
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    So is ECHO worth going with? I've been looking for some reputable prop firms in the NYC area. Can anyone name the top 3?
  5. You want french fries with that too sir?
  6. its a dream. money is never safe once it leaves your hands. its all pooled into one account called an LLC. your best bet if you want to be safe is open a IB account. if you put up 25k you can daytrade however you like and your legally protected.