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  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking of setting up something with SR just for fun (I'm an equity trader), and am wondering if someone could tip me off to a good broker that costs less than a dollar (plus exchange fees) per contract. Volume would probably be 2000-3000 contracts per month.

  2. Xenia


    SR is too expensive for 2000 or 3000 rt/month.
  3. For self directed trading SR has a flat fee price of $250/month
  4. Lite or Pro?
  5. Lite is $50 per month first 2 month then $250

  6. Xenia


    But the SR thingy is only a front-end.

    You´ll have to pay for the server-side as well.

    How much is it ? Maybe another $525/month ?
  7. Richard_Gfetc

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    We can offer you SR Lite or Pro for your account. If you have not used the Live simulator sign up here http://www.globalfutures.com/platforms/runner.html (Once at the page click on "Free trial fro 30 days.")and select Richard C. as the broker. Feel free to contact me with any questions at 1-866-758-3015 or 1-818-530-0953 Intl. I look forward to speaking with you. Have a great day!
  8. Strategyrunner is the only trading platform that is server based.

    The servers are located in the FCM facility , we do use a third party connection for orders , but all synthetic orders and automatic strategies (black Box) are running on the server side, this means that even if your PC or internet goes down your orders and strategies are executed flawlessly
  9. estra


    I will have to concur. The truth is that I have been using SR Pro for some months now, for papering and real trading and apart from some really minor problems I am really satisfied with the results.
    I am paying ~$100/mo for the paper account and 1.50 per R/T in my live account. I find it very reasonable :)

    Have a great day everyone :)
  10. Estra-

    What broker do you use? And who is your contact person?


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